96) when the offensive line allows one sack or more

The team with injured players that may impact the team the most is the Minnesota Vikings. Adrian Peterson sustained an ankle sprain in the last game. He was limited in practice but stated in his local newspaper that his ankle felt “great.” He likely was held back in practice to allow some additional time to heal.

The only stat Brady has a notable lead in is touchdowns to interceptions with 4 minutes left, the other stats favor Rodgers aside from QB rating in the red zone but that is basically a tie being 101.3 and 101.2 respectively. Not to mention that Aaron has run for more TDs and first downs though he’s played 6 fewer seasons. Rodgers has also rushed for more than 2,500 yards and scored 25 rushing touchdowns in his career.

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Cheap Jerseys china Some owners are already capitalizing on this success he isthein Yahoo Sports leagues, indicating owners probably drafted him as a backup and now are using his success to fortify their roster. If you are in the same boat, start making some calls to the fantasy managers in contention who drafted AaronRodgersor those who have to deal with the rash of injuries that have plagued quarterbacks this season, because there is no appealing Plan B for them on the waiver wire. That drops to less than a point per drive (0.96) when the offensive line allows one sack or more. Cheap Jerseys china

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